Gambar Perodua Myvi Facelift Baru!

myvi baru depan

Salam semua. Dah agak lama admin tidak menulis blog. Ketika melayari internet terjumpa pula gambar model Myvi facelift! Sekali, dua kali, 3 kali pandang pun memang ianya adalah Myvi, kereta paling popular di negara kita. Rupabentuk facelift kali ini tampil dengan imej lebih agresif dan lebih dinamik dengan rekaan headlamp yang lebih tajam dan bumper baharu yang lebih sporty. Ianya ...

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Proton Compact Car Exterior Revealed!


Proton Compact Car (PCC) exterior design is looking good from rear quarter view although its backdoor feel a little bit empty. Tailamps are positioned in vertical same as Myvi. Licence plate is on rear bumper although it should have been better if put on backdoor panel. Perhaps Proton could intriduce it during facelift timing. Front quarter view is absolutely head ...

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Proton Compact Car Interior Revealed


Proton Compact Car interior image was spied and uploaded in funtasticko blog. The interior features new steering design with multifunction button mounted, leather wrapped and piano black finishing at center spoke. The Proton emblem also had been made in full color. The aircond vent at head unit resembles Korean marque of late with multimedia unit in between. The aircond dials ...

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Proton Compact Car Mass Production Unit and New Engine Image Leaked!


Proton upcoming compact car (PCC) was captured at assembly line believed during mass production build up. The white color car look nice. So now Proton is manufacturing mass production unit so we can assume the launching of the car is just around the corner. The image of ‘new’ engine also had leaked in internet. Looking the engine, somehow it resemble ...

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Info Yang Anda Perlu Tahu Tentang Model Baru Proton Compact Car (PCC)

proton pcc, proton iriz, model baru proton

Seperti yang diketahui umum, pengeluar kereta nasional, Proton, akan melancarkan sebuah model kereta kompak serba baru yang dikatakan akan menjadi saingan rapat Perodua Myvi dan malah juga Perodua Axia jika harga berpatutan pada varian rendah. Rupa bentuk model itu juga sudah diketahui umum dengan bocornya beberapa gambar pertama kali ketika sedang disiapkan untuk ujian perlanggaran dan yang terkini seperti gambar ...

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Proton Compact Car Surface In Internet


Proton Compact Car (PCC) which previously known as Proton Global Small Car (GSC), surfaced in internet. This time in green color. The exterior design are sleek, bold and modern with soft character line positioned cleverly to give the car look more solid. There is corner glass at front door window and door mounted wing mirror with turn signal. Its the ...

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Proton Compact Car Spec List Leaked In Internet


Proton is look to use new engine on its upcoming compact car which will be launched in Q4. Referring to above leaked spec sheets, the new engine will have variable valve timing (VVT) and Bosch engine management system. Although the displacement and type of engine were not mentioned, we can expect its a small displacement type engine with or without ...

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Spy shots: Proton GSC Spotted in KL Down Town


Proton global small car caught testing in KL down town by blog reader. Still in heavy wrapping but before this we already saw the car unwrapped here Total 3 units out for testing which believed to be the highest variant. From the photo we can see curvatous hood design, a muscular look at front. DRL also can be seen ...

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Affordable and Fast Body & Paintwork Repair


When your car got hit, make sure you’re ready to break bank, as it repair cost can be deadly. As what has happened to admin, it was so unfortunate that my car was hit by a car that making right turn abruptly, damaging front bumper skirting and leaving deep scratches on bumper face and a come off part at fender ...

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Terkini! Gambar Sebenar Proton Global Small Car Bocor Di Internet


Proton Global Small Car akhirnya menunjukkan rupa sebenarnya. Gambar ini di ambil dari blog popular Apa yang admin katakan rekaan bahagian hadapannya memang cukup menarik. Lampu hadapan dari jenis projektor dengan kemasan ala Volkswagen. Gril hadapannya juga amat padan dengan lampu dan seimbang dengan logo Proton. Kemasan chrome juga padan dengan rekaan gril. Memang mengujakan dan bakal menjadikannya daya ...

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Spy shots: Proton GSC Spotted Testing on Local Road


Proton GSC spotted testing on local road by our reader Faez somewhere in Klang. Still in wrapped condition. Before this we posted spy shots of its car headlamp and rear combi lamp. Get the story here. From insider info, Proton GSC will be launch on October, just within 6 months from now. We hope they just get the styling right. ...

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Proton Cash Rebate Promotion


Price war among automaker has intensify recently where new models are priced cheaper than their head to head rival. Proton has joining the forces with cash rebate promotion until 31st March 2014. With cash rebate up to RM5000, this is best time for you to own a Proton model. Visit any Proton showroom or

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Most Fuel Efficient Car Ranking Unveiled In Japan


Japan’s Ministry of Transport today unveiled Japan’s most fuel efficient car base on JC08 test cycle mode. Two categories, which is for normal and small car and light vehicle or ‘kei’ car were announced. For normal and small car category, Toyota Aqua or known as Prius C here topped the ranking with fuel consumption of 37km/litre. It closely followed by ...

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Malaysian F1 GP: Does F1 Losses its Excitment?


Formula 1 racing circus returning back to Malaysia for its second race in the 2014 calendar this weekend at Sepang International Circuit. In the chaotic 1st race at Albert Park, the top teams were plagued with engine reliability issue where pole sitter, Lewis Hamilton and reigning quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel had their race ended early due to cylinder missfiring. ...

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Test drive: Proton Suprima S


Proton latest model, the Suprima S, has been around for about 7 months after its unveiling. Its no doubt is the best looking Proton model so far in hatch form. It also come with full loaded features from safety to infotainment. Those who concern all the safety features and accesories without much thinking of brand image, the Suprima S is ...

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All New Honda City Launched In Malaysia


Honda Malaysia has officially launched its all new City yesterday. The all new car has retained its predecessor styling line and bring major improvement in term of engine, equipment and space. 4 variants were introduced with another 1 variant, which is hybrid type, will follow later on. Price starting from RM75800 for S variant, RM78,800 for S+, RM83,800 for E ...

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Spy shots: Proton GSC Side Profile Leaked


Proton GSC spied again believed by insider in the factory and this latest image hosted again at funtastickodesign blog. Its Proton GSC side profile image. From the image we can see Proton is using softer character line with body contour to give more solid feel to the car. Side mirror is design mount on door panel is the first from ...

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Spy shots: Proton GSC Spotted With Head & Rear Combi Lamp Exposed!


Proton GSC, codename P3-20A, spotted again by funtastickodesign blog reader this time with headlamp and rear combi lamp barely exposed. From the image, the car looks to be the highest variant with DRL mount on front bumper. The headlamp is big and wide with projector type. Side mirror also looks folded suggest it will have electric auto fold mirror hopefully ...

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German Cars Score Low in Engine Failure Ratio


An article published in autoexpress uk reported that German made cars score low in term of engine failure study. German cars known for its high tech and innovative design among the lowest in term of engine reliability. This are what are they necessary to fix. In other hand, Japanese maker Honda Motor scores 1st place followed by Toyota Motor. Mercedes ...

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Car Exhibition at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam


Plaza Alam Sentral in Shah Alam which widely known for handphone trading place is organizing 10 days car exhibition to its visitors. The ground floor turned to giant car showroom where more than 10 units popular cars are on display. Participating maker are Mitsubishi (Attrage, ASX), Proton (Suprima S, Saga SV), Suzuki (Swift), Kia (Forte k3, Picanto), Nissan (Almera), Chery ...

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