Uncovered Proton P3-22A (Prevé Hatchback) Snapped Near Proton Plant

July 29, 2013


Finally the much awaited Proton P3-22A (Prevé Hatchback) was caught in the flesh by local popular blog funtasticko reader near Proton Tanjung Malim plant. This photos believed is mass production unit, indicating its launching date is just days from now. So what do you think of Its design? We think its side profile has strong resemblance of Proton MSX concept which displayed years back.


Rear design looks nice although its looks bland due to lack of detailings. Proton should consider to put chrome detailing to make the car more appealing. The rear combi lamp look looks smallish but design nicely. In term of overall design, just ordinary or less wow factor. We urge Proton to make a move in design department to adapt new design language for new model forward. Soft flowing character lines should make the appearance better. In fact many carmaker are doing so. Just do your study. We expect this car will not making big impact in Proton sales as hatch market share is relatively small in Malaysia. Anyway, lets see how hatch will change its market preference with this new hatchback.

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