More Photos Of Proton Suprima S

August 14, 2013

More photos of Proton Suprima S including its interior shot were uploaded to internet and here we post it for your viewing pleasure. The car launching will be on this Saturday, August 17, 2013 at Matrade building, Kuala Lumpur. Base on the photos, the Suprima S will carry ‘Turbo’ badge unlike CFE in Preve. We are not sure wether there is different in engine setup but it sounds interesting. In the leaked brochure also Proton mentioned acceleration from 0 to 100kmh but unfortunately can’t be seen clearly.

There were also changes notice for its interior in comparison to Preve sedan which now silver finishing on steering wheel, paddle shifter and gear knob was changed to shining black color. The screen is now bigger but its background is a bit dull. Nice to hold steering is spoil with overall instrument panel layout. Proton should put black carbon fibre finishing to suits the car’s turbo image. Form source we have to date, this car pricing is about RM75K+ for high end varian.

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