Sponsored video: UD Trucks Set To Launch ‘Quester’, All New Heavy Duty Truck Range

August 13, 2013

UD Trucks, a Japanese renowned truck maker, previously known as Nissan Diesel which is now under Volvo Group subsidiary is set to launch its all new heavy duty truck range called the ‘Quester’.The Quester name was chosen as reflection of the truck’s 6 years quest of research and development, which aim to deliver best out of the rest in term of design, efficiency, endurance, toughness as well as services to customers. See above interesting ‘Runners voices’ video on how the idea of passionate people influenced the development of the Quester. The truck which is developed for Asian and other growth market will make its global premier in Bangkok on August 26, 2013.

Quester truck range was developed to cater various need and application of customers, from long distance haulage and distribution to construction and mining, which become transportation demand in growth market. The truck range also aim to set new benchmark and become leader in term of technology, design, affordable pricing and unrivaled customer care service thanks to combination of UD’s heritage of Japanese craftsmanship and customer care, Volvo Group’s global technology, and cost efficiency through local manufacturing and sourcing.

Quester is scheduled for assembly in Thailand, India and China where the production system is currently under development. Extensive customer services and support packages also will be available with the launch of Quester. Authorized and owned UD truck dealerships and importer networks are working tirelessly to offer services based on minimal operational cost, maximum fuel efficiency and timely.

UD Trucks has been the default choice of transportation company in our country since long ago, in fact, we often seeing the UD trucks made in 1960’s still hauling heavy loads in our road. The truck speaks itself about brand’s longevity and the company’s ability to develop trucks with endurance and toughness in mind. The ‘Quester’ is no exception and we expect it will be the popular choice once its sold here.

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