Most Fuel Efficient Car Ranking Unveiled In Japan

March 24, 2014


Japan’s Ministry of Transport today unveiled Japan’s most fuel efficient car base on JC08 test cycle mode. Two categories, which is for normal and small car and light vehicle or ‘kei’ car were announced. For normal and small car category, Toyota Aqua or known as Prius C here topped the ranking with fuel consumption of 37km/litre. It closely followed by Honda’s all new Fit, which just a litre behind. 3rd and 4th places secure by Corolla Axio and Fielder with Prius on 5th place completing Toyota’s domination on fuel efficient vehicle.


As world oil price soaring, automaker predict that the demand of fuel efficient or hybrid vehicle will grow by 20% year on year. Toyota and Honda are the leading automaker which produce hybrid in masses.


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