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June 22, 2014


When your car got hit, make sure you’re ready to break bank, as it repair cost can be deadly. As what has happened to admin, it was so unfortunate that my car was hit by a car that making right turn abruptly, damaging front bumper skirting and leaving deep scratches on bumper face and a come off part at fender side. My feeling was down. Not only 3 years clean record has broken, i’m also thinking how much is it’s repair cost would be. If I opt for front skirting replacement, the cost is very high as original skirting will cost about RM500 alone without paint work! So with tight budget, I started searching in the internet to find cheap, fast and good workmanship workshop to repair my car. Base on some information, there is a workshop in Taman Sri Muda Shah Alam that have been recommend by many forummer for their cheap, fast and good workmanship. Not wasting more time, I went to the workshop to repair my car.


When reaching there I was greeted by an old Indian guy in mid fifties. I explained about my car condition and asking him for quotation. I told him that if possible of restore back my front skirting. He replied OK and straight away give RM250 quotation for the job. I negotiated a bit and the price was slashed further by RM20 to RM230. Considering the job need to be done isn’t few, the price quoted was reasonable. If compare to automaker authorized body and paint center, the price is extremely cheap. After the guy filling repair job sheet, my car was brought to repair area straight away. Very fast action! So, Is the quality of work justifies the price we pay for?


At knocking bay, broken front skirting was re-build using glue and heat. The heat melts the glue and skirting so it could be attached together again. This job was barely took about 15 minutes. Next the car brought to ‘putty’ cement process. This ‘putty; is put on damage surface so it create a fine layer on top of rough or scratched surface. After the ‘putty’ hardened, block process sanding is done to fine tune the repaired surface before it can be painted. The process took about 1 hour.


Paint spray process was done inside spray booth. I’m quite not satisfied with the way they masking the car. For my case they didn’t mask fender so lot of over spray stacked cause the fender loss its glossiness or blur. After paint spray, I asked to polish the fender and luckily the over spray was eliminated. So how do I’m satisfied with the quality of the paint work? Here is the verdict:

1. Repair Cost 5/5
2. Repair Workmanship (Knocking, cement) 5/5
3. Spray process 3/5
4. Paint quality (color matching, paint dirt) 3/5
5. Delivery 4/5

Overall 4/5

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