Proton P3-21A Showcase At Proton Power Of 1 Event

March 14, 2012

Proton’s soon to be launched model, P3-21A seen at ongoing Proton Power of 1 event, was performing a showcase alongside with a Persona Elegance. According the youtube video uploaded by Proton Holding facebook, the car was performing ride and handling aspect, where the commenter is heard saying even if the brake is applied abruptly, the car still in control and stable. See below for the video.

During power of 1 event, Proton is confident to get up 1000 bookings for P3-21A. P3-21A design and accessories is no longer secret since there was full body spy shots leaked in internet recently and more detail was shown during Buletin Utama, admin think the booking target is achievable. The only question is its price but rumors circulating that the price will be around RM65K to RM75K.

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