Proton Exora Bold Arrives In Thailand

May 24, 2012

Proton Exora Bold 1.6 CFE makes it debut in Thailand with different model name called Exora Turbo. The naming change may be lure by nature in Thailand which their people used to with turbo word as many pickup are using turbo intercooler i guess. But we don’t know what is the actual reason for the naming change by Proton marketing side.

The launching was accomplished by Proton MD and Proton sales partner in Thailand, Phra Nakorn Auto Sales, on Wednesday. The new Exora Turbo which features an all-new 1.6-litre Campro Charge Fuel Efficiency (CFE) engine with performance comparable to that of a 2-litre engine. The CFE engine is equipped with a CVT transmission.

Proton Exora is doing well in Thailand with many positives review for its space and practicality but skepticism still remain with its small displacement Campro CPS. Now Proton definitely has the answer for it with Campro CFE which produce max torque at low rpm for more quick acceleration. We hope Exora turbo will do well in Thailand.


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