Proton SUV Surfaces At Proton Casting Plant??

October 3, 2012


Is this Proton’s 1st SUV?? According to the source, forum lowyat, this picture had been taken at Proton Casting Plant. If all readers remember, some time ago there was a story that Proton is developing an SUV, called Project Iguana. In the story mentioned that the SUV have similar side profile with Toyota Harrier. Looking to the picture, c pillar 100% copy the Harrier. Tailgate and rear combination lamp looks similar. If we compare both side’s profile (refer to actual Harrier photo below), Proton SUV completely carry over door shape and fuel lid location is same with Exora. So we could believe that this SUV originally assembled by Proton. The rims also looks familiar to previous Proton show model.


If this model is true, Proton is gradually completing its model line up to boost its local and global presence. Campro CFE 1.6L should be enough to pull this SUV, provided correct weight to torque ratio study is carried out.

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