Proton P3-22A (Prevé Hatchback) Production Version?

July 3, 2013


Hi all, welcome back to automotive blog. Sorry for not updating this blog for quite long time. Just now a friend sending an image believe is upcoming Proton new hatchback, a derive model of latest sedan Prevé. Although its a low resolution image, the design of its quarter can be seen clearly. The rims are carry over from Inspira. Exterior same as typical Proton without any chrome detailing. What continue making fuss is what will be under its hood whether Campro CFE or Petronas 2.0L E01 engine. We are very sure that it will remain the turbocharged Campro CFE as new engine testing is not an easy one. We hope Proton can do better with this model and not repeating marketing blunder like its sedan sibling.

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