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Proton P3-20A Global Small Car Test Unit Review

March 2, 2014

Hi, welcome back to automotive blog. We would like to apologize for being dormant for months. We are in the midst of upgrading our blog interface for your viewing pleasure. Here we brought to all of you, although a bit too late to cover, the upcoming Proton P3-20A global small car which is now under final testing stage before its world premier on 2nd quarter this year. The global name tag on the car is clear message that Proton has intended the car to be suitable for all market to boost its dwindling sales, having to fending off stiff challenge locally by the Myvi. All the photos uploaded here were take from automotive blog, which they had reviewed the car earlier.

As many buyer are concern, the main criteria of buying a car is mostly about design. Design is playing big influence in the buyer’s mind. This how the Korean make turn around and increase global sales comparable to more establish Japanese and European maker. So from the spy photos, what do you think about Proton GSC’s design? From the front we can see sharp line flowing from rear, an upmarket door mounted wing mirror with turn signal indicator (hopefully come with electric folding motor). Its also has corner glass, a design similar like Honda Jazz. The headlamp still heavily wrapped, not sure if it’s a projector type or reflector. We hope its a projector type which look more sportier and liven up the character of the car.

From the side profile, the car has high roof line similar like the Myvi. The character line is well hidden but we hope its a soft line to make the car more affluence and dynamic.The C-pillar however look a bit empty and out of proposition but we hope the back door spoiler will change the image. As overall, side profile design is OK for us minus the C-pillar upper portion. The rims, if it comes with polished and reflective type should be looking better.

The rear design is much more questionable as Proton is particularly weak in this area. Taking the Preve’s sedan rear design for instant, the design simply doesn’t match with the side and front. Proton designer also prefer high mounted rear tail lamp, making the car look awkward especially on quarter view. Is this trending will finally come to an end starting from this model? Its hard to judge from the heavily wrapped car but we can predict the tail lamp has trapezoidal shape like in the Fiesta. The backdoor however look to have complicated shape to accommodate the tail lamp but hopefully it looks nice on actual car. Proton also must not omit the release door outer handle although the car would come with gadget gizmos like auto backdoor release function as it serves basic functionality.

Then finally its interior design. What we can say its gonna be the best interior design from Proton. The steering has new design with plenty of control button mounted on it. The meter cluster it look to have multi info display as standard. The head unit is just nice and aircond vent remind us a Korean. The aircond control unit also looks similar with the Inspira, much better if they can put chrome detailing on the dials. The gear change lever however received many unfavorable comments but our opinion if they paint it black it would be OK. The gated type should be introduce later during facelift to give the interior more premium feel.

The test car was pictured in cold area somewhere in Sweden where we believe its undergoing cold weather and vehicle stability programme test. We are not sure what engine and powertrain is to be installed on the car but from rumor mills around the car will be using Campro engine mated with CVT gearbox. We just hope Proton not putting to much gizmos where people just can afford basic, or at least make as many variants to make it more affordable to the masses.

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